Web development company in the online casino industry

Who We Are

Our company is Wixo. We are a web development company that builds websites using modern technology, such as HTML5. We are based out of Stockholm, Sweden, but we serve clients all over the world. We primarily cater to the online casino industry, helping casino companies with casino bonussen such as mrgreen casino bonus, Leo VegasBetway.com, Casumo, BGO Casino, Betsson and Casino på nätet Group build their websites. We believe that since we cater to one industry, we know that industry well and this helps us specialize our services. We consider ourselves to be experts in the online casino industry thanks to the work that we put into knowing about this field.

How We Got Started

While Wixo is becoming more popular, we certainly are not a new company. Wixo started out as the baby of Alexander Wixon. Alex, as he is called by his friends and family, attended school to learn how to build websites and then market those websites. However, after he graduated from school, he was not so sure that he wanted to enter the work field. He wanted to travel the world and having a standard 9 to 5 job wouldn’t allow for the freedom and flexibility he was after. He had a few friends who did freelance computer work, such as freelance graphic designers and writers, so he thought he too could work in the freelance world. So he started with his first writing assignment for a trading company, and a famous article called, geld verdienen met binary options in 2020.

He began to freelance for a variety of companies and quickly found that he immensely enjoyed helping casino companies the most. The work was interesting and fun. Alex loved to gamble so he knew exactly what an online casino’s clientele would be looking for. Once he zeroed in on this niche, he started marketing his services to more people looking to start online gaming and casino websites. From there, business increased. Little by little, he built up his business until he could no longer handle the work on his own. He had to hire people to assist him with his work. It was then he realized just how profitable this industry could be for both him, other web designers and the casino websites, so he transitioned from a one person freelance business to an actual business with employees.

Today, Wixo hires talented web builders and designers who have a love of online gaming websites. Together, they work hand in hand with online casino businesses to build websites that customers will flock to and enjoy.

What Services We Offer

Wixo is a worldwide web development company primarily offering web-based services to the online casino industry. If you are an online casino website owner, you may find yourself wondering what services we offer and how we can help you. We know that no two sites are the same and the needs of your business may differ from another website. As such, none of our services are set in stone. However, here is a general overview of the services that we offer.

  • Website Building

The very first step to starting an online gaming website is to build a website. If you need a new website built, or you need your old one overhauled, Wixo can help. Having a website that is fast loading and easy to navigate is key, and we can do just that for you.

  • Updates

Technology changes all the time. As such, if you were to look at a casino website built a year ago that has not been updated, you may notice that the graphics, images and games look dated. We will continually update your website using the latest technology to ensure your website looks fresh and current.

  • Marketing

Once your website is functional, you have to market it to get customers. They won’t find your website without this step. There are many different marketing techniques including search engine optimization, email marketing, and pay per click marketing. You can give us your budget and we will utilize the marketing techniques that will best help your website to grow and attract new customers.

  • Customer Retention

After you have customers, retention is important. We can help you come up with incentives and ideas that will keep customers coming back to your website long after their initial deposit runs you.

If you are in the market for a web development company for an online gaming company, send us an email today. Let us show you why so many of our customers recommend Wixo and what we can do for your business.